I have been teaching Flying Low and Passing Through techniques since 2010. I have taught in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, and internationally in Slovenia, Austria, Iceland, France and the United States. Sometimes I teach alone and sometimes with partners from 50collective.

I learned these techniques from David Zambrano during the International Workshop "50 Days in Costa Rica". For three months, 50 dancers from 29 different countries studied and embodied in every way these techniques. We learned that dance is always a collective activity, even when we dance alone. We learned that coming in and out of the floor is as easy as swimming; that we are 3-dimensional bodies; that our thoughts, our past and our desire are always in the room with us, and that we can play with them in our dancing. And most importantly, we learned to make instant choices in democratic collectivity, being choreographers and dancers of our improvisation at every little moment of the performance.

I keep learning all this as I grow as a dancer and as a teacher, passing it to new students. It is always new, fresh, it has infinite "corners" although we only move in curves...

This philosophy is what keeps me interested in teaching movement as a medium to reach the rational, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the students I meet; and it also keeps me interested in dance as performance: a beautiful, honest, energetic activity that makes you travel "from Hell to Heaven" as Zambrano would put it.