Nothing came up when I tried to do things with movement until I left movement do things to me.

Dance is this little worm that enters in the body and tells something to the ear of every cell, it says: “move like this”. When the cells listen carefully, a thing (can we call it narrative? emotio-spatio-temporal landscape?), this thing, is unfolded in the body and the space. We have been used like a mere conductor cable for this particular explosion, contortion, distortion, to happen.

Dancing means to train the cells of my body to listen very well what movement dictates, and to obey. When we are not able to or we don’t want to listen to words and rational logic any more, the purity of movement makes its appearance and sometimes, save us.

I work with dance as a mover, as a painter, and as a sculptor. From the inside out and viceversa, blending the plasticity of the bodies with music, color and shape.

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